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"I come from a proud family of farmers, factory workers, and veterans. The Berkeley County community taught me the value of looking out for our neighbors and making sure no one falls through the cracks. I'm ready to step up and help fight for the youth of this county."
World Class Education
  • Continue to work with the Board Office and WV Legislature to develop teacher retention strategies and raise awareness about the impact of teacher shortages on our school system.

  • Develop collaborative strategies with teachers, service personnel, and administrators to help close the achievement gap throughout the county with a focus on special needs classrooms.

  • Ensure continued investment in sports, music, and arts education programs, which help students obtain lifelong skills above and beyond traditional academic experiences.

  • Support students in recovery with appropriate options for continuing their education, and ensure families are fully aware of where and how to get help.

  • Invest in academic interventions, learning loss, and mental health support after the COVID Pandemic.

Safety & Security


  • At a time of increased risks to student safety, Berkeley County continuous be a leader in ensuring our campuses are safe from outside threats. Thanks to the passage of the 2020 Bond, we are upgrading school entrances with technology and infrastructure. Other additions include new locks, windows, and fencing. Every student should feel safe while learning.

21st Century Schools

  • Continue to invest in technology in the classroom to ensure Berkeley County students are prepared to succeed in the 21st century economy.

  • Promote the use of energy efficient building materials for new school construction and renovations to conserve taxpayer dollars in the long term including our Guaranteed Energy Savings of $1.7 Million Per Year with 7 Full Geothermal Renovations in BCS.

Community Partnerships

  • Guarantee that the taxpayers get every bang for their buck when it comes to the Board of Education's expenditures.

  • Continue open public meeting transparency and community question forums across the county.

"Berkeley County Schools made me the person I am today. That is why I want to continue the great things we are doing in our schools." - Michael Martin

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