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A goal without a plan is just a wish.

My 2024 Plan - Berkeley County Schools Next 4 Years...

Berkeley County is changing every day. With passion, experience, and strong leadership, our public
school system can be the backbone of our community for the 21st century.

Increased transparency is still at the forefront of my campaign for the Berkeley County school board. It is
fundamental to continuing to build trust and confidence in our school system. Here are my plan for the next 4 years::

☑️ Building 3 New Schools and Purchasing Land for Future Schools

☑️ Ensure Competitive Bidding Processes for our Bond Projects

☑️ Improve the Teacher Grant Fund
☑️ Effective and Active Board Governance

☑️ Supporting The Passage of the School Levy in May 2024 

☑️ Retaining and Recruiting Quality BCS Employees

☑️ Advocate for Locality Pay for Teachers and Service Personnel

☑️ Protect Students with Additional Security Personnel in Our Schools

☑️ Protecting Public Education in WV and Berkeley County

Promises Made - Promises Kept

1) Increased Transparency

Increased transparency was at the forefront of my campaign, and it’s fundamental to rebuilding trust in our school system. Here was my plan:

☑️ Broadcast, record and archive every Board of Education meeting online to hold board members accountable - This is now standard practice

☑️ Ensure our financial records are available and up to date on - Complete

☑️ Make sure no meetings are closed door - Every Meeting is open to the public and broadcast online

2) Promise Plan

☑️ Prioritize funding for school infrastructure improvements - Passed the Largest School Bond in WV history and received a $25 million grant from the WV School Building Authority
☑️ Invest in extra curricular activities such as athletics, arts, and school clubs - We expanded funding for extracurricular activities
☑️ Work with our state legislators to fight for teacher locality pay - This is a continuing fight in the Legislature, and we hold yearly open meetings with state lawmakers to discuss

☑️ Host community roundtables to actively listen for new ideas and solutions from parents and students - Hosted Quarterly
☑️ Ensure competitive bidding is used for every school project to make the most of taxpayer dollars - Every vote taken
☑️ Promise that every decision I make and vote I take will put our students first - My priority every day in office

3) The 2020 Vision Plan

2020 Vision Plan:
☑️ Strengthen partnerships with James Rumsey, Blue Ridge CTC, and Shepherd University
☑️ Integrate technology in our classrooms and ensure equitable access for all students - Every student now has a instructional device to stay ahead in the 21st century workforce
☑️ Promote financial and life skills courses in high school 

☑️ Ensure our teacher and school service personnel have a seat at the table 
☑️ Ensure every student has an equal opportunity to learn in Berkeley County 

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The Only Candidate With Plans -
Leadership Takes Planning

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